Compensation Expert Jeremy Goldstein Offers Solution To Pay Dilemma

Many companies want to have the best talent to drive higher profit for their company. For publicly traded companies, however, compensation costs are sometimes seen as an anchor on share prices. New York lawyer and compensation expert, Jeremy Goldstein, offers a unique comprise which benefits the company, the employees as well as the shareholders.


One of the metrics used to measure employee compensation is known as earnings per share or EPS. In fact, employees, as well as CEO compensation, can be tied to the performance of the EPS. However, this can be a double-edged sword, as Jeremy Goldstein pointed out in a recent article.


Those who are against EPS as a compensation metric argue that the CEO and high ranking corporate executives have too much control over the earnings number. This can lead to the EPS being manipulated, created an air of mistrust between the shareholder and the company. Jeremy Goldstein believes that a solution, to the EPS controversy, lies in a compromise between the CEO and the shareholders.


Instead of tying compensation to short-term EPS numbers, the compensation of a CEO should be tied to long-term company goals. Since long-term goals cannot be easily manipulated by any party, the compensation structure could be seen as fair and honest to everyone involved.


By focusing on long-term growth, companies can allow their employees to focus on projects that will add sustainable growth to the business. Also, the company will be more likely to have a stable roster of senior executives who will want to stay onboard to realize their long-term compensation goals. Finally, by focusing on long-term goals, the company will be better positioned to remain competitive in shifting market environments.


Jeremy Goldstein is a practicing attorney who has been working in the New York City area for over a decade. Today Mr. Goldstein is the principal partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. The boutique legal firm specializes in employee and executive compensation as well as corporate governance.


Jeremy Goldstein was educated at Cornell University where he received a Bachelors of Art in History. Mr. Goldstein continued his education at the University of Chicago where he received his Masters of Arts in Art History. Later, Mr. Goldstein received his Juris Doctor of Law at the New York University, School of Law.


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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Caught

The President of the United States, Donald Trump’s decision to grant the controversial former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio with a full pardon, was met with a vigorous amount of disdain from the community, as well as from two of the former sheriff’s most bitter rivals, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

Despite the fact that the rivalry between the former sheriff and Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey began almost immediately after he was elected to office in 1992, it was a mere ten years ago that the situation finally reached the point of no return.

Michael and Jim were arrested in their home in Phoenix, AZ, at the behest of the nation’s most controversial civil officers. The arrest was made based on an accusation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had used their publication, Phoenix New Times, to disclose to the public, sensitive information regarding a grand jury. While this was alleged by the Sheriff’s Department, the duo actually released information regarding the fact that they, themselves were being investigated by the grand jury.

Upon calling for the arrest, Sheriff Joe Arpaio egregiously violated the constitutional rights of the newspapermen. At the time of the arrest, Jim Larkin was the Chief Executive Officer of their conglomerate, while Michael Lacey ran the Village Voice Media newspaper as the Executive Editor.

To compound the issue of the arrest, it was eventually discovered that it occurred as a result of Sheriff Joe Arpaio contempt towards the New Times consistent coverage regarding a series of indiscretions within the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department.

The arrest of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey would eventually lead to a saga spanning five years, for which the duo of newspapermen would find victory, receiving a $3.75 million settlement.

Stephon Lemons of the Front Page Confidential recently did a piece regarding Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s tumultuous career, as well as his feud with Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

In the piece, Mr. Lemons revisited the concentration camp-like conditions of the infamous tent city, the astounding amount of people who have died while in the custody of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, and his continuous discriminatory practices leveled at Latino Americans and other minorities.

Sheriff’s Joe Arpaio’s contempt toward minorities would eventually lead to Melendres v. Arpaio, which was an integral part of the controversial figure’s failure to garner reelection.

Today, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are recognized as two of the most prominent figures regarding print publication and the media as a whole. It was in 1970, after dropping out from Arizona State University, that Michael Lacey, along with two other students decided to form a newspaper. This was in response to the conservative angles that the news in the area consistently took regarding the war in Vietnam.

While Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey decided to sell their shares in the company to a group of longstanding executives of the company, their legacy helped to define a generation of high-quality investigative reporting, and the fight for individual rights.

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An Easier Interface

Securus Technologies is known within the United States business world as being both a controversial and supportive communications technology corporation. Instead of focusing their attention on the normal average American customer, Securus instead spends their time meeting the needs of a niche customer market; one that thrives within the American penal system. The target customer for Securus Technologies is not the middle-class level businessman, but the lowly citizen that has made the wrong decisions in life and is no paying for their actions within the prison system. That being said, Securus has provided incredible communications technology to inmates and their family members and has gone the extra mile recently through a list of incredible updates and innovations that will make their customer’s lives that much easier.


The main driving force of Securus Technologies has been their ability to provide inmates with a video chat interface that gives them the option of visiting with their loved ones virtually instead of through a bulletproof glass plate. This form of technology was already simplistic and easy to learn, but in order to give their customers access to even more of their valuable time Securus is decreasing the difficulty of this form of technology even more. With an incredibly simplistic and reliable interface, an inmate literally only needs to push a few virtual button on his or her tablet or other supported device and they are able to see and hear their loved ones immediately.


This is but one example of the new updates at Securus Technologies is planning on launching soon for better customer support. There are many other updates to look forward to, which can be found through the article linked below. You will find these to not only be customer driven but also groundbreaking.




Jeremy Goldstein advocating for knockout options

As the economy continues to be unpredictable, large corporations are deciding not to give their employees stock options. Some do it because of its financial burden and others do it for more complex reasons. There are three main reasons that have companies convinced not to award these benefits to their employees. Learn more :


First, options are tied to the stock value. Therefore if the value drops, employees will not be able to exercise their options. Regardless, companies are still forced to report any associated expenses, leaving stakeholders with the possibility of option overhang.


Second, employees don’t trust this type of compensation. They are weary of options because they know that if there is a economic disaster, their options could become worthless. Because of that, they view these options more as a trip to the casino, rather than a solid reward of cash.

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Finally, options increase the accounting burden. Therefore, the resulting costs could turn any financial benefit into a worthless cause. Most employees seem to rather want a higher salary instead of the options.


Jeremy Goldstein however points out several benefits that these options provide. Stock options can be considered better than increased wages or equities because options are simpler for employees to understand. Since options are tied to the value of the company, it leads them to work harder at bringing in new clients and keeping their current clients happy.


Jeremy Goldstein has become one of the country’s top corporate lawyers. He’s become a leading expert on corporate governance and executive pay. He has been involved in many of the top corporate transactions in history including AT&T, Chevron, Merck, Energy and United Technologies. Jeremy Goldstein is the founder and partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. Jeremy Goldstein continues to help companies make the best decisions when it comes to compensation.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Replaces Bradeso’s Brandao, Triggering A Stiff Race For CEO Position

Following the retirement of Lazaro de Melo Brandao after 75 productive years as the head of director of Bradeso, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the acting chief executive officer, has taken over his position. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, at 64 years of age, is both the current chairman and the CEO until March when he will be relieved of the CEO position.

Why is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Holding both Positions?

According to the bank’s charter on, the president should vacate the seat for retirement at the age of 65.Trabuco has however, been awarded a waiver allowing him to serve until next year. Trabuco assured the public that choosing the CEO is procedural. He also added that the institution’s organization is highly complex and segmented in nature and these factors will play a major role in who is to be chosen.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined the institution in 1969 and has served as CEO of from 2009. Before that, he was its vice president from March 1992 and the department director between 1984 and 1992. He was also promoted to several other prestigious positions due to his outstanding leadership skills and customer relations. He was awarded a post-graduate degree from The University of Sao Paulo’s School of Sociology and Politics. And awarded as Entrepreneur of the Year for Finance.

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The Candidates in this Great Race for the CEO’s Position

The main question here is: who will replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco? There are seven major candidates eying the top seat of the CEO. All of the candidates have their different traits which make them suitable for the job. We have highlighted some of their profiles:

• Mauricio Minas- Arguably the most popular of the lot, he is currently the bank’s vice president of technology. He spearheaded the bank’s technological revolution. He also worked on the integration of HSBC and development of the institution’s digital bank.

• Domingos Figueiredo Abreu- He is in charge of the institution’s treasury and credit docket and played a key role in the purchase of HSBC

• Alexandre Gluher- He is arguably one of the most experienced candidate. He played a major part in the integration of HSBC, the largest acquisition in the history of the bank.

• Josue Pancini- arguably the most experienced in the lot together with Gluher, and one of the longest serving employees in the bank since 1975. He has held the post of vice president for a very long time.

• Marcelo Araujo Noronha – He has served in the bank for almost 15 years now in charge of the investment bank, Bradesco BBI’s corporate segment and card operation.

• Lazaro Octavio- He is the latest addition among Bradesco top executives and has led the insurance unit that is responsible for a third of the bank’s results.

• Andre Rodrigues Cano- He is responsible for the human resource docket and the most recent member of top management.

It is clear that we can expect a really tough battle ahead due to the candidates being involved possessing impeccable qualities, leadership, and experience. In addition to the candidates’ profiles, it is equally important to take into account Trabuco’s influence as one major factors that will impact greatly on the section of the new CEO. The prediction of who is to succeed Trabuco is therefore a tough nut to crack and it will be quite interesting to know who will come out on top. All bets are off on this one.

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The stock option menace according to Jeremy Goldstein

Corporations have, in recent times, decided against giving stock options to employees. This is a decision not only guided by the fact that these firms want to save money but one governed by so many other reasons. The following is a list of some of this causes:

  1. A drop in stock value may make it difficult for employees to put to use their stock options. Businesses, however, need to make public some of the expenses that may result from this. They also need to remind stakeholders that they face the risk of having their options overhang.
  2. Employees become suspicious of this compensation method. They know that any toll on the economy impacts negatively on their options.
  3. Options may result in an overload on the accounts. Employees still prefer high salaries to stock benefits. They consider them, high wages, to be more beneficial or attractive than stock options.

Of what advantage are stock options then to the employer? Jeremy Goldstein provides this answer to us.

Employees still relate to stock options better. Although a number of them prefer high salaries to stock options, most of them still do value stock options. They view them as an equating factor, that is, something that places all of them at the same level.

Consequently, options can only be of benefit to the employees if the value of the company’s stock increases. A company’s stocks can only increase if the firm experiences tremendous success. Employees are, therefore, motivated by this fact to work harder.

The Internal Revenue Service regulations make it hard for the corporation to give equities to their employees.

What then is the solution to all this? Jeremy Goldstein is also of much help in this, matter.

Employers should put to use the ‘knockout,’ a barrier that shields the corporation. This knockout technique states that an employee loses their stock options if and when the value of this stocks falls to reach some amounts. The knockout method also requires that the stock options have a time limit, for example, five years.


About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is an executive compensation expert with a J.D from the New York University Law School. He is one of the pioneers of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC Mr. Goldstein writes, and public speaks on corporate governance and also offers advice on executive compensation. Before forming his law firm, he was part of the Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.

Goldstein has overseen processes such as the buying of Goodrich by United Technologies among many other things. He is also a Fountain House, a charitable non-profitable organization that seeks to promote awareness of mental illness.


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Hurricane Harvey Victims receive Financial Support from US Money Reserve

Us Money Reserve in partnership with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) managed to raise up to $219,622 to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The precious metals dealer which has its headquarters in Austin Texas came in handy to provide the much-needed help to the victims who were in dire need. The executive director of ADRN Mr. Daniel Geraci applauded the move by US Money reserve terming it as a real gesture of humanity to the people of Texas.


“We are very pleased with the decision of US money Reserve to partner with us during this difficult moment and I wish more companies could emulate the same. Together with the company, we have been able to raise a significant amount of money that will go a long way in helping the Hurricane Harvey victim” said a Mr. Geraci. US Money reserve CEO Angela Koch on her part assured all victims and residents of Texas of the company’s unwavering support ( “We are going to do all that’s within our power to ensure that our people get the necessary help that they need” said Angela during an interview. She added that the company was part and parcel of Texas and that they would not abandon them in times of need.


Hurricane Harvey hit Texas on August 25, 2017, and left a great damage besides rendering thousands of people homeless. The devastating category 4 Hurricane saw many people in need of basic needs such as shelter and food something which prompted the Austin Disaster Relief Network to seek for financial support in order to meet the needs of the victims. Lucky enough, US Money Reserve acted swiftly and created an emergency relief fund that enabled the two organizations to contribute over $200,000 in cash. Besides, the federal government also came in handy to support the Hurricane Harvey victims.


US Money Reserve is a certified distributor of US government issued platinum, silver and gold coins. The company was started way back in 2001 and has since grown into one of the largest precious metal companies in the United States. Apart from its headquarters in Austin Texas, the company also has offices in Beaumont and Houston.


The CEO of the company, Angela Koch in a recent interview expressed optimism about the future prospects of the company. “We are very happy with the current situation of the company, however, we expect to broaden our network and reach even more customer in the coming years”, said Angela Koch.



The Success Trail of Business Entrepreneur Roberto Santiago

Becoming what you want is a huge achievement in life because life requires that we work to sustain our daily needs. This is an objective that one has to set just like Roberto Santiago did by setting up his business that made him a famous household name Brazil. Roberto Santiago currently owns one of the vast Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping in Brazil. The business mall is situated in his native homeland in Joao Pessoa. The mall offers a wide variety of businesses in it including entertainment, shopping, and recreational facilities.

Roberto Santiago a long story before he became a success and this explains his determination to reach where he is now today. He was born in the same town of Joao Pessoa 58 years ago. He studied fluently attending Pio X-Marist College and later on achieving his BSC in business administration from Joao Pessoa University. He strived a lot like everybody else finding for a job where his first job was a manufacturing company known as Café Santa Rosa where he worked for some time and moved on to launch a Cartonnage Company producing cartons that were made from cardboard. The company grew so fast and diversified production and started producing decorative products.

This company grew and increased the income, and he found it better to increase his business ideas and invested in real estate where he was amazed as the idea became one of the best decisions he has made as it helped him make his portfolio as a successful businessman. This was when he came up with the idea of setting up a shopping mall and immediately bought the land and started the construction with a beautiful design which lasted for two years.

The mall has over 280 stores where all types of businesses are here; He made sure the whole business fraternity and family have a business they can start offering more than what everyone can purchase at a single time. The types of businesses in these malls include financial institutions which offers all types of financial needs including advice and loans, food stores, theatres, gym, gaming areas and so much more. The mall is unique because of its versatility as it has more features including a college thus having a recognized reputation in the state of Paraiba.

He worked hard and in the year 2013; he constructed a new mall in the same town. These malls have generated him a lot of income, and because of his generosity towards his native town, he has made an impact in improving the economic and social perspectives of the city. The malls have served important roles in entertainment and fun for families, and the best part is that the malls have employed hundreds of residents thus providing a means of income to many people. These malls have made the town to develop significantly thus increasing the price of land, and many businesses are relocating to the town due to the growing population that is increasing business opportunities.


Securus Technologies – Major Name in Correctional Industry

Securus Technologies has become a major name in the correctional industry in the last few years and rightly so. The company has contributed majorly to the development of the prison industry, which has otherwise been stagnant for the past many years. Many other companies in the prison sphere are entangled in controversies for their inadequate services or poor customer service, but Securus Technologies is well-known for providing some of the most cutting-edge technology oriented products and services in the correctional sphere. Moreover, Securus Technologies has made it easier for the inmates to stay in contact with their loved ones. It is important for everyone to know what their family and friends are up to and same is the case with the people who are incarcerated.


Securus Technologies gives the inmates the means to communicate with their loved ones through many different ways, which includes phone services, video services, video visitation, photo sharing services, and voice messaging system, email messaging, money transfer services, and more. These services have positively impacted the lives of the prisoners and ensured that they could continue living a normal life inside the jail. Video visitation is amongst the newest service that the company has added to its long list of services. Securus Technologies has contributed to the law enforcement sector as well by providing highly efficient investigative tools and technology.


More than 3,400 law enforcement agencies in North America rely on the services offered by Securus Technologies. The investigative services provided by Securus Technologies furnish crucial information to the law enforcement organizations that help them work proactively and catch the criminals with ease. Such technology plays an important role in keeping the communities safe from miscreants in the society. As the world is advancing at a rapid pace, it has become important for technology to play its part in keeping communities safer, and thanks to companies Securus Technologies, such efficient technology is now available.

How Rick Libby Has Managed To Keep Traveling Vineyard At The Top Of The Wine Industry

In a recent interview, Traveling Vineyard’s president, Rick Libby, shared some of his secrets to success. By the time he bought Traveling Vineyard 7 years ago, he had over 2 decades’ experience serving in various leadership positions in a number of companies including Mariott, Cendant Corporation, Student Advantage and Move Central. The company has grown in leaps and bounds under his leadership and continues to attract more people because of its unique business model and the benefits that its marketers enjoy.

Some of the benefits that Traveling Vineyard wine guides enjoy include job flexibility, support from the company and a great overall experience as they get to travel and sample wines from various parts of the world.

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Libby saw how successful the work-from-home concept was with kitchenware marketing and decided to give it a try in wine marketing, and this is how Traveling Vineyard came to be. Rick has played a great role in Traveling Vineyard’s success through his visionary leadership. He encourages innovation at the company to keep up with the changing industry demands. The company always has something new for its customers and marketers to improve the efficiency of the whole process of selling and buying wine. For instance, the company recently developed a mobile software to make order processing easier for the wine guides. Rick Libby emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between short-term and long-term goals so that none is compromised at the expense of the other. He is always up to date with industry trends, and this is what enables Traveling Vineyard to maintain its top position in the wine industry.

Even with the global wine industry growing faster than ever before, Traveling Vineyard has managed to keep up with the changes and remain a leader in the industry because of its strong dedication to the industry. Rick Libby is committed to ensuring that clients receive nothing but the best products and service and that wine guides receive all the support they need to market the wine effectively. Under his excellent leadership, Traveling Vineyard is expected to do even better in the coming years.

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