Fundamentals Regarding End Citizens United and Their Purpose

There is a mistake that was made by Supreme Court in 2010. We know that they made a decision that tended to overpower the Citizens United. Since then, the American elections have taken a different shape. In fact, it is ugly to imagine that the electoral system has become quite corrupt, and easily manipulated by particular tycoons. On declaring that “corporations are people,” they allowed an alleyway for the crooked billionaires to continue spending unlimited money on the American elections. The Koch brothers are listed among the many corporations and billionaires that are attempting to tip the equilibrium of political influence in their favor.


End Citizens United Declares to Fight Against the Citizens United


End Citizens United is a politically instigated agency that was formed on 1st March 2015. Their primary concern is to combat the catastrophic effects experienced due to the Supreme Court’s decision made in 2010. As they fight, they believe in reforming the campaign system, which they are pursuing under the funding of grassroots. Additionally, they are doing their best to put the lawmakers on their toes. The rigged political system should not be tolerated at all. The agency has organized to counter the issue by toppling Citizens United. The Republicans are among the people fighting Citizens United. They have been entrusted the top leadership positions to help in pushing for the reforms.


The Primary Financial Strength for the Political Action Agency


The grassroots activists form the chief financiers of the committee. In all their political spending, they enhance transparency and honesty. There are thousands of those activists that support them selflessly. As the union grows, they expect to publicize their FEC filings. As long as they keep upholding transparency, it is anticipated that they will get willing funders as time advances. George Soros is also a Democrat who supports End Citizens United’s causes. The experienced Republican operators also have significant financial influence. So far, the committee has collected over $2 million from their minor donors. According to Richard Carbo, the communications director, they are headed towards raking in a lump sum of $30 million.




Most of us find it impressive to have a committee following up on the lawmakers. Their ultimate objective is to reverse the decision made by the Supreme Court back in 2010. They have succeeded in acquiring over 325,000 signatures for their petition. Since the crew has partnered with “Ready for Hillary,” they are expected to receive a boost. The group is also planning on coordinating the parties that were attacked by the Koch brothers. They could team up and make a great leadership crew for the agency. It cannot stop at that. Some patriots are devoted to doing all it takes to achieve their primary goal.

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