Sheldon Lavin’s Extended Service To OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the brain behind the success of OSI Group. His contribution to the growth of the company spans for almost 50 years transforming the company from a small business outfit to a global food producer and supplier. Before joining the company, Lavin ran his consulting firm where Otto & Sons (now OSI Group) was in his list of clients.

Sheldon Lavin career with OSI Group started in 1970 following a request by Otto & Sons to arrange for financing. Otto & Sons had secured an opportunity to construct a meat processing facility to cater the rising demand for its products. The funding bank requested Lavin to acquire part of ownership in the company, but he declined the offer choosing to remain a consultant in the deal. He also pegged his acceptance to owning an equal share of the business according to

Otto & Sons continued seeking the services of Lavin as a consultant for the company’s growing overseas investments. He joined the company in 1975 at the request of McDonald joining the sons to run the business after the retirement of the father changing the business name to OSi Group. The company continued to expand its operations gaining the European and North American markets. In 1980’s, one of the partners in the company sold-out giving Lavin half of the company’s ownership. He gained total control of the business a few years later after the retirement of the remaining partner.

After gaining full control of the company, Lavin decided to grow and expand the company. He extended its operations to over 16 countries with over 55 establishments. The company runs with a workforce of over 2,000 employees with Sheldon Lavin still active as the elder. As the Chairman and CEO of the group, Sheldon Lavin is still pursuing further growth and expansion of the group.

Sheldon Lavin is trained in Finance and Accounting. He runs ISO group on the principle of continued success. The desire to fully satisfy consumers and make more profits continue to drive the company in its growth. His vision for the company is to rank as a leader in the food industry and to remain successful even after his retirement.