The Success Trail of Business Entrepreneur Roberto Santiago

Becoming what you want is a huge achievement in life because life requires that we work to sustain our daily needs. This is an objective that one has to set just like Roberto Santiago did by setting up his business that made him a famous household name Brazil. Roberto Santiago currently owns one of the vast Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping in Brazil. The business mall is situated in his native homeland in Joao Pessoa. The mall offers a wide variety of businesses in it including entertainment, shopping, and recreational facilities.

Roberto Santiago a long story before he became a success and this explains his determination to reach where he is now today. He was born in the same town of Joao Pessoa 58 years ago. He studied fluently attending Pio X-Marist College and later on achieving his BSC in business administration from Joao Pessoa University. He strived a lot like everybody else finding for a job where his first job was a manufacturing company known as Café Santa Rosa where he worked for some time and moved on to launch a Cartonnage Company producing cartons that were made from cardboard. The company grew so fast and diversified production and started producing decorative products.

This company grew and increased the income, and he found it better to increase his business ideas and invested in real estate where he was amazed as the idea became one of the best decisions he has made as it helped him make his portfolio as a successful businessman. This was when he came up with the idea of setting up a shopping mall and immediately bought the land and started the construction with a beautiful design which lasted for two years.

The mall has over 280 stores where all types of businesses are here; He made sure the whole business fraternity and family have a business they can start offering more than what everyone can purchase at a single time. The types of businesses in these malls include financial institutions which offers all types of financial needs including advice and loans, food stores, theatres, gym, gaming areas and so much more. The mall is unique because of its versatility as it has more features including a college thus having a recognized reputation in the state of Paraiba.

He worked hard and in the year 2013; he constructed a new mall in the same town. These malls have generated him a lot of income, and because of his generosity towards his native town, he has made an impact in improving the economic and social perspectives of the city. The malls have served important roles in entertainment and fun for families, and the best part is that the malls have employed hundreds of residents thus providing a means of income to many people. These malls have made the town to develop significantly thus increasing the price of land, and many businesses are relocating to the town due to the growing population that is increasing business opportunities.