Hurricane Harvey Victims receive Financial Support from US Money Reserve

Us Money Reserve in partnership with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) managed to raise up to $219,622 to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The precious metals dealer which has its headquarters in Austin Texas came in handy to provide the much-needed help to the victims who were in dire need. The executive director of ADRN Mr. Daniel Geraci applauded the move by US Money reserve terming it as a real gesture of humanity to the people of Texas.


“We are very pleased with the decision of US money Reserve to partner with us during this difficult moment and I wish more companies could emulate the same. Together with the company, we have been able to raise a significant amount of money that will go a long way in helping the Hurricane Harvey victim” said a Mr. Geraci. US Money reserve CEO Angela Koch on her part assured all victims and residents of Texas of the company’s unwavering support ( “We are going to do all that’s within our power to ensure that our people get the necessary help that they need” said Angela during an interview. She added that the company was part and parcel of Texas and that they would not abandon them in times of need.


Hurricane Harvey hit Texas on August 25, 2017, and left a great damage besides rendering thousands of people homeless. The devastating category 4 Hurricane saw many people in need of basic needs such as shelter and food something which prompted the Austin Disaster Relief Network to seek for financial support in order to meet the needs of the victims. Lucky enough, US Money Reserve acted swiftly and created an emergency relief fund that enabled the two organizations to contribute over $200,000 in cash. Besides, the federal government also came in handy to support the Hurricane Harvey victims.


US Money Reserve is a certified distributor of US government issued platinum, silver and gold coins. The company was started way back in 2001 and has since grown into one of the largest precious metal companies in the United States. Apart from its headquarters in Austin Texas, the company also has offices in Beaumont and Houston.


The CEO of the company, Angela Koch in a recent interview expressed optimism about the future prospects of the company. “We are very happy with the current situation of the company, however, we expect to broaden our network and reach even more customer in the coming years”, said Angela Koch.