How Rick Libby Has Managed To Keep Traveling Vineyard At The Top Of The Wine Industry

In a recent interview, Traveling Vineyard’s president, Rick Libby, shared some of his secrets to success. By the time he bought Traveling Vineyard 7 years ago, he had over 2 decades’ experience serving in various leadership positions in a number of companies including Mariott, Cendant Corporation, Student Advantage and Move Central. The company has grown in leaps and bounds under his leadership and continues to attract more people because of its unique business model and the benefits that its marketers enjoy.

Some of the benefits that Traveling Vineyard wine guides enjoy include job flexibility, support from the company and a great overall experience as they get to travel and sample wines from various parts of the world.

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Libby saw how successful the work-from-home concept was with kitchenware marketing and decided to give it a try in wine marketing, and this is how Traveling Vineyard came to be. Rick has played a great role in Traveling Vineyard’s success through his visionary leadership. He encourages innovation at the company to keep up with the changing industry demands. The company always has something new for its customers and marketers to improve the efficiency of the whole process of selling and buying wine. For instance, the company recently developed a mobile software to make order processing easier for the wine guides. Rick Libby emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between short-term and long-term goals so that none is compromised at the expense of the other. He is always up to date with industry trends, and this is what enables Traveling Vineyard to maintain its top position in the wine industry.

Even with the global wine industry growing faster than ever before, Traveling Vineyard has managed to keep up with the changes and remain a leader in the industry because of its strong dedication to the industry. Rick Libby is committed to ensuring that clients receive nothing but the best products and service and that wine guides receive all the support they need to market the wine effectively. Under his excellent leadership, Traveling Vineyard is expected to do even better in the coming years.

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