Orange Coast College – Article Recap

The Amorphophallus titanium plant is a species that attracts a host of admirers and others who are simply curious to get a whiff of a plant that smells like a rotting corpse. The plant is otherwise known as the corpse flower, and will be on display at the Orange Coast College administration building. The admin building is located at 2701 Fairview Road. Viewing hours will be from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. starting Wednesday, June 28. Once the flower blooms, visiting hours will extend until 10 p.m.


Ironically, the flower is quite beautiful when it blooms. The plant originates from the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Beetles cause the flower to release its repugnant scent when removing pollen from the male flowers to their female counterpart. Blooming typically occurs during the evening. The repugnant smell is nature’s way of protecting the plant from both animals and humans. Visitors can make a $3 donation that goes toward supporting scholarships and the college’s horticulture program.


About Orange Coast College


Orange Coast College, located in Costa Mesa, California, is an excellent learning institution that offers students the very latest in technology and coursework for many of today’s in-demand career fields. The college serves more than 25,000 students each semester. Orange Coast College also ranks at the top of the list for the number of students who transfer to USC and California State University campuses. Many students also choose to transfer to private colleges and universities both in California and across the country.


Orange Coast College also offers numerous men’s and women’s sports that include baseball, golf, basketball, volley ball, beach ball, swimming, cross country, football, tennis, and soccer. The college offers an excellent education for students looking to further their education.


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Why Nathaniel Ru’s Company Really Is Something That Works

Nathaniel Ru is one of three CEOs of food and restaurant company that’s been around for about 10 years but is still growing and finding new ways to appeal to millennial customers. The company is Sweetgreen which originated in the Washington D.C. area but as grown across the country and now has headquarters in the Venice Beach area of Los Angeles. Ru spoke to Fortune magazine about the factors that made Sweetgreen successful and why he’s excited about its future. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru told Fortune that he believes reading a lot of books is essential to becoming a great business leader in any industry. He also said he and his fellow CEOs, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet have learned that to build a big company and maximize production, you have to be willing to let go of various responsibilities and even invite new team members on board sooner than you’re comfortable doing. He points to Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank as a great influence on him and likes what he’s done with that company and its brand. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru and his two friends both came to Georgetown University to become entrepreneurs in the footsteps of their parents who were all immigrants who had each founded a business. The reason food interested them the most was that options on the Georgetown campus were limited, especially for those who preferred a more lean diet focused on salads and vegetables. So that prompted the three to start a salad bar restaurant business and it began in a small shop on the Georgetown campus. The three had to get creative to keep it open during the slow times when almost nobody else was there, but as Ru later said that surviving that first winter break when campus was empty was what made them know they could meet any challenge. Learn more:


What makes Sweetgreen important is that Ru and his friends do not want its message to be only about eating green food, but rather to be about balance and making healthy diets popular. They’ve also included technology in their business which takes advantage of online and mobile ordering and customizing services for customers who want their food ready when they arrive. Ru also has expressed the importance of not simply running things from the top down, but actually making it about all employees and taking time off to go work at Sweetgreen’s locations. Initially the investments in the company came from friends and family members, but they’ve now had many more venture capital investors come to the company and have raised over $95 million to date.


Keeping Drugs from the Jail with Securus Technologies

I work as a corrections officer in our county jail, and my biggest obstacle each day is trying to keep the inmates from getting their hands on illegal contraband. Weapons, drugs, and cell phones, in the hands of the inmates make it very challenging for my team to do our job. We have developed a number of ways that we can put a stop to the problem, some more effective to the others.


The visitor center is where you will find the inmates and the visitors in close contact, and the opportunity to transfer things like drugs or weapons is abundant. My fellow officers have to have eyes in the back of our heads, we have to do a physical search of each visitor coming in and inmate going back to their cells, and we have to run everyone through an x-ray machine.


Securus Technologies is responsible for call monitoring system we use to listen to the inmates on the phone. The new system, or LBS software, allows us to listen in ways we have never done in the past. Now the system is doing the work of several officers, so we can deploy teams to do surprise cell inspections while the software is listening in for chatter about contraband.


On any given day, we hear inmates talking about where they hide their drugs inside the cells, who they are going to meet to gather things they need to sell in the jail, and even what time of day they sneak to their cells to do those drugs. Each call simply helps us to tighten up the loose ends and put a stop to this problem on a number of fronts. Thanks to the team at Securus Technologies, our facility is that much safer and we have had less incidents already.


Sheldon Lavin’s Extended Service To OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the brain behind the success of OSI Group. His contribution to the growth of the company spans for almost 50 years transforming the company from a small business outfit to a global food producer and supplier. Before joining the company, Lavin ran his consulting firm where Otto & Sons (now OSI Group) was in his list of clients.

Sheldon Lavin career with OSI Group started in 1970 following a request by Otto & Sons to arrange for financing. Otto & Sons had secured an opportunity to construct a meat processing facility to cater the rising demand for its products. The funding bank requested Lavin to acquire part of ownership in the company, but he declined the offer choosing to remain a consultant in the deal. He also pegged his acceptance to owning an equal share of the business according to

Otto & Sons continued seeking the services of Lavin as a consultant for the company’s growing overseas investments. He joined the company in 1975 at the request of McDonald joining the sons to run the business after the retirement of the father changing the business name to OSi Group. The company continued to expand its operations gaining the European and North American markets. In 1980’s, one of the partners in the company sold-out giving Lavin half of the company’s ownership. He gained total control of the business a few years later after the retirement of the remaining partner.

After gaining full control of the company, Lavin decided to grow and expand the company. He extended its operations to over 16 countries with over 55 establishments. The company runs with a workforce of over 2,000 employees with Sheldon Lavin still active as the elder. As the Chairman and CEO of the group, Sheldon Lavin is still pursuing further growth and expansion of the group.

Sheldon Lavin is trained in Finance and Accounting. He runs ISO group on the principle of continued success. The desire to fully satisfy consumers and make more profits continue to drive the company in its growth. His vision for the company is to rank as a leader in the food industry and to remain successful even after his retirement.

Fundamentals Regarding End Citizens United and Their Purpose

There is a mistake that was made by Supreme Court in 2010. We know that they made a decision that tended to overpower the Citizens United. Since then, the American elections have taken a different shape. In fact, it is ugly to imagine that the electoral system has become quite corrupt, and easily manipulated by particular tycoons. On declaring that “corporations are people,” they allowed an alleyway for the crooked billionaires to continue spending unlimited money on the American elections. The Koch brothers are listed among the many corporations and billionaires that are attempting to tip the equilibrium of political influence in their favor.


End Citizens United Declares to Fight Against the Citizens United


End Citizens United is a politically instigated agency that was formed on 1st March 2015. Their primary concern is to combat the catastrophic effects experienced due to the Supreme Court’s decision made in 2010. As they fight, they believe in reforming the campaign system, which they are pursuing under the funding of grassroots. Additionally, they are doing their best to put the lawmakers on their toes. The rigged political system should not be tolerated at all. The agency has organized to counter the issue by toppling Citizens United. The Republicans are among the people fighting Citizens United. They have been entrusted the top leadership positions to help in pushing for the reforms.


The Primary Financial Strength for the Political Action Agency


The grassroots activists form the chief financiers of the committee. In all their political spending, they enhance transparency and honesty. There are thousands of those activists that support them selflessly. As the union grows, they expect to publicize their FEC filings. As long as they keep upholding transparency, it is anticipated that they will get willing funders as time advances. George Soros is also a Democrat who supports End Citizens United’s causes. The experienced Republican operators also have significant financial influence. So far, the committee has collected over $2 million from their minor donors. According to Richard Carbo, the communications director, they are headed towards raking in a lump sum of $30 million.




Most of us find it impressive to have a committee following up on the lawmakers. Their ultimate objective is to reverse the decision made by the Supreme Court back in 2010. They have succeeded in acquiring over 325,000 signatures for their petition. Since the crew has partnered with “Ready for Hillary,” they are expected to receive a boost. The group is also planning on coordinating the parties that were attacked by the Koch brothers. They could team up and make a great leadership crew for the agency. It cannot stop at that. Some patriots are devoted to doing all it takes to achieve their primary goal.

Hussain Sajwani Career And Accomplishments At DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is the Founder of DAMAC Properties, a multinational property development company located in the United Arab Emirates. He is one of the key figures who have contributed to the real estate market expansion in Dubai where he built many hotels to accommodate a large number of people coming to Dubai for business in the mid-90s.

As a prominent investor and a business leader, DAMAC owner has a proven track record of success in doing business in global equity and capital markets. Presently, he serves as the Executive Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer at DAMAC Properties.

Hussain is also the Chairman of other firms such as the Al Jazeira Services Co., AL Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co., Al Amana Building Materials and Dico Investments. DAMAC Group was established by Sajwani as a catering and hospitality company in 1992, and from the humble beginning grew into a world leader.

Hussain Sajwani was born to a middle-class family in Dubai. He joined the University of Washington where he received his undergraduate degree in Economics. He wanted to earn a degree and pursue his career as a white-collar professional working regular hours.

Sajwani’s entrepreneurial spirit was inspired by his father who owned a watch and a pen store in Deira. His father was also involved in real estate business while his mother used to buy fabrics from wholesalers and sell them to local ladies. Sajwani started helping his father at the watch store while he was three years old.

From interacting with customers every day, he learned a lot of about entrepreneurship as he grew up, and he also got inspired by his father’s dedication. Even though he did not want to join the family business due to hard experiences he encountered while working at the watch shop, he later realized that he had the entrepreneurial spirit.

After proceeding from the University of Washington, Hussain was hired as a Contracts Manager at GASCO, a minor company under the Abu Dhabi Oil Company. However, he did not work for the firm for long, as he left his position to start his own company, DAMAC. Sajwani established DAMAC, LLC in 1982, but later changed its name to DAMAC Group.

The company currently has over 2,000 staffs, and in the luxury property development sector, it has been able to deliver more than 17,900 homes.

The firm is reputed for offering its customers unique and attractive residential and commercial properties. From the success of the reputable company, DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani family is honored and recognized all over the world.

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Sam Tabar’s Experience in the Legal and Finance Fields

Sam Tabar is a famous licensed lawyer and capital strategist based in the New York City. He has financial management experience in addition to being a highly qualified lawyer.

Educational and Career Background

Sam pursued a Bachelors of Arts degree from the Oxford University and graduated with honors. He proceeded to Columbia Law School where he worked as an Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review.

He then joined one of the most prestigious law firms in the world, Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, as an Associate in 2001 shortly after graduating from Columbia Law School. In 2004, he left the legal field and joined the world of capital strategy and business development at PMA Investment Advisors, a section of Sparx Group in Hong Kong.

Sam became the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Asia-Pacific Region in 2011 after working as SPARX Group’s Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. In 2012, he left Merrill Lynch to serve as the Director at Adanac, LLC, BVI.

He later returned to the legal field in September 2013 by becoming a Senior Associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP where he catered to hedge funds and dealt with regulatory as well as compliance issues among other roles. He left Schulte in March 2014 to manage his own practice which has started to handle many of the high profile contacts that he had developed over a profession of hedge fund management in different parts of the world. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Achievements and Accomplishments

Sam is known to execute excellently all responsibilities assigned to him in the numerous companies that he has served. His extensive experience and commitment to excellence make Sam Tabar a precious asset to the firms that he works for. In 2015, Sam was appointed the Chief Operating Officer at Full Cycle Energy Fund responsible for the management strategy of the company.

This is one of Sam’s greatest accomplishments. Sam is passionate about the environment, therefore, this position suits him perfectly. As a private venture capitalist, Sam is among the earliest investors in Tribute and SheThinx. SheThinks has re-invented the feminine hygiene sector with the social mission of empowering women globally.

Sam’s Social Life

Tabar loves traveling and hosting events. He shares lots of photos of himself and his family on social media as evidenced by his Facebook profile.

In these social media platforms, Sam also shares his life experiences and lessons learned along the way to motivate his followers. He is passionate about the law practice, particularly finance and investment law and is a member of the New York State Bar.

Why WEN Products Are Unique

WEN products are probably unlike anything you have ever used before. The company, started by Chaz Dean, is most famous for its cleansing conditions which are sulfate free and deeply nourishing. These all natural products are easy on your hair and their formula, which does not lather, is great for all different types of hair.

Whether you have thick curls, or straight silky locks, there is a WEN Hair product out there for you. What makes this company unique is their ability to fit a product to every hairstyle. The cleansing conditioners are a one step process that leaves your air both cleansed and well moisturized. If having lush locks is top on your priority list, there is no easier way. Their products are innovative and give you salon quality hair in a short amount of time and with little effort.

All WEN products are made from natural ingredients and are sulfate free. This means that there is nothing in them that will dry out or damage your hair. The truly unique thing about WEN cleansing conditioners is how many of your products it can replace. You won’t have to buy shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, deep conditioners, or detanglers. These cleansing conditioners really do it all and more. Thousands of people, men and women alike, swear by WEN products and really trust that the company is looking out for their hair. The natural oils used are of amazing quality and are unique to the products. Their scent range is amazing also. While it is important to do your research on a company, WEN and Chaz Dean have nothing but good things to show when it comes to background. They are known for being sustainable, all natural, and for really working. These are all important qualities and they will lead to the best hair of your life.

Learn more about WEN Hair: